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Dan Curland opened the Disc in 1983, with twenty  feet of bins, 500 records, and a register  donated by a vegetarian  restaurant. During the days before the CD changed the way we listen to music, the Disc began to create  an atmosphere  in Mystic that would  lead to a music and art renaissance. The tiny store was stuffed with vinyl records, serious collectors, kids looking for new sounds, local musicians  of all flavors , and curious onlookers.  Even as the CD became the prevailing format, LP records remained .  In a world slowly  losing  sight of tradition,  the Disc became and remained a pillar. The small burg now had an epicenter, around which began to orbit  an interesting  music  scene,  a flourishing gallery  element,  and small publishers  creating  chapbooks and journals.  Much of this period  is captured on “Trapezium”, a CD compilation put  together  in 1996 by Curland and the Disc featuring  music, photography, and design from Mystic.

“Our local customer base has made us what we are, and that  is why  it’s so important  to have  a symbiotic relationship  with them, and the region in general”  Curland states  about his involvement  in the local  culture.  In addition to the shop, Curland has also been a DJ on WCNI 90.9 FM radio for over twenty years. This nurturing element has been  a mainstay for the business, as electronic  connections  have  enabled generations of Mystic music lovers  who continue to shop at the Disc to this day. “We have  regular  customers who call or email us about records they are looking  for from places  as diverse  as Cape Cod  to Willimantic, CT.  From places as far away as Hawaii  and  Amsterdam.  From ferry riders crossing Long Island Sound, to vinyl tourists  from cities  such as New York, Baltimore, and Boston. Mystic Disc customers  are everywhere, and more are joining the ranks each  week.

As downloading and file sharing became   more  prevalent, record store seekers continue to find the Mystic Disc. Boasting  over  fifty feet of vinyl record bins in their 300 square foot store, the Disc caters to most every  taste in music.  In addition to the standards, they also carry an extensive  section of esoteric vinyl for the DJ or producer. Spoken word, soundtracks, DJ resources,  compilations   from several time periods,  and world  music  all find a place to call home. If you are a music lover, so should you find a home  at the Mystic Disc.



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